Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That Trusty Phone Book

When we were young, that trusty phone book that arrived in the plastic bag at our mailbox was essential. It was the tool to find every resource necessary to exist in this world. Companies would track how many referrals they got through their phonebook ads...not so much anymore. Yes, that resilient phonebook still has it's place in our society. However, the demand for instant information has propelled our society forward to grander things. We receive calls into the office that continuously inform us that we were found on that grand stage we know as the internet. Are we beyond that book? No, I don't think so...but, in order to remain relevant and to guarantee reaching your target audience, you must keep up with today's technology. You must be found where consumers and businesses are seeking you out. Beiler-Campbell Commercial provides quality Commercial Real Estate Services, utilizing current technology to get the best results for you and your business. We offer in-house advertising design, local, regional, and national e-campaigns, target marketing, extensive web presence and e-networking just to name a few. Other Commercial Realtors may offer similar services, but relationships provide real results. That is what sets Beiler-Campbell Commercial apart from the rest. Let us provide the vehicle to propel your business us at 610.444.7770 or visit our website at today!

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